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Cristian Allamand, viticultor, winemaker, and partner of Luminis Wines, is one of the few winemakers in Argentina that spends more time working on the vineyards they use for their wines than at the winery making wines.


The concept of Estate and terroir-driven wines in Argentina is completely new and very few wineries are truly making wines under this philosophy. Cristian Allamand is one of those few, making wines under his name from very specific regions and from vineyards he works and/or directly with the whole purpose of making wine with a sense of place, respectful of their origin.


The personal touch that Cristian brings to those places where they grow grapes is one that looks for elegance,  natural acidity and subtleties of aromas. In sum, Luminis’ wines try to showcase a different aspect of grape growing and winemaking in Argentina.


Cristian Allamand makes wines from the historically most important grape growing sub-regions in Mendoza: the High Mendoza River and the Uco Valley. Those of you who like wine with a sense of place will definitely enjoy the differences between these sub-regions within Mendoza.



Uco Valley


U Turn

U Turn Chardonnay and Saint Jeannet

U Turn


Suitable for vegans/vegetarians.

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